College of Big Data (also known as College of Information Engineering) was established in 2017, consisting of 2 departments - the Department of Computer Science and Technology, and the Department of Information Engineering. At present, the college has the majors, i.e. computer science and technology, data science and big data technology, and artificial intelligence for undergraduates. Among them, the major "computer science and technology" is eligible to have joined the Double 10000 Major-construction Plans in Yunnan province. Two majors are qualified to enroll graduates. One major “agricultural information technology and engineering” is  aiming at academic master degree, while the other “agricultural engineering and information technology" is for professional one. There are now 5 professors and 15 associate professors in overall faculty. Two of them have been addressed as Yunling Scholar, one awarded as Nationwide Prominent Teacher, 2 addressed as Young & Middle-aged Academic and Technical Pioneer of Yunnan Province and 1 ready for its reserve talent pool.

       Three research platforms, i.e. Big Data Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture-Yunnan Branch, Yunnan Engineering Laboratory for Agricultural Big Data, Yunnan Engineering Research Center for Big Data of Green Agricultural Products, have been established; three major experimental platforms, Computer Professional Laboratory, Computer Public Laboratory and Robot Laboratory also have been set up.

        In recent years, the faculty have hosted 4 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NAFC), 1 project by Yunnan Provincial Major Program of Science and Technology, and dozens of projects by Natural Science Foundation of Yunnan Province as well as the projects entrusted by enterprises or other research institutions. The total contract fund of these research projects has reached more than 31 million yuan. Meanwhile, 110 academic papers have been published; 4 textbooks for the 13th Five-Year Plan of National Agricultural and Forestry Universities have been edited and published; 2 scientific and technological books have been published and 33 patents as well as software copyrights have been registered.