Yang Linnan
April 17, 2022  

A Ph.D., second grade professor and doctoral supervisor; director of Big Data Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture-Yunnan Branch and director of Yunnan Agricultural big data Engineering Technology Research Center.

He has published more than 30 academic papers, including 3 in SCI and 4 in EI; published 5 books, registered 1 invention patent and more than 20 utility model patents and software copyrights; has won the address of Yunling Scholar of Yunnan Ten Thousand Talent Plan, Yunling Famous Teacher and Young & Middle-aged Academic and Technical Pioneer of Yunnan Province; has hosted 1 project assisted by National Science and Technology Support Project in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, 1 by National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Projec, 3 by Plan to Strengthening Yunnan Province through Science and Technology, 1 by Major Project of Yunnan Province and many other provincial scientific research projects. He has won the second prize(one) and the third prize(two) of Yunnan Science and Technology Progress Award. In recent five years, he has directed 12 graduate students.